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Businesses that use our solutions

Indus Stores

Indus has grown its retail business significantly by adopting our solutions to carry out intelligent customer targetting.

LG Brand Shops

LG brand shops are using our business solutions to manage everything from sales to customer service.

International Community School

ICS uses our sophisticated and comprehensive payroll solution to manage the payroll of over 200 employees.


  • POS: Record and track all your sales right from the till / checkout and optionally print out invoices generated by the system.
  • Inventory Management: Automatically track all your inventory and make stock taking easy.
  • Customer Targeting: Target your customers with special offers through SMS and significantly increase sales.
  • Browser-based: Runs entirely from a web browser so you do not have to install and maintain any software. Also, this means any device that has a web browser can be used to access the system from anywhere.
  • Price Planner: Quickly determine what price to sell your items at with detailed information on the cost price of all available units.
  • Stock Planner: Know what to order and when to order to ensure you do not lose any sales due to lack of inventory.
  • Price Tags: Print beautiful and professional price tags with just one click and a printer. No special hardware required.
  • Reports: Get informative reports on how your business is performing.
  • Query Data: Query advance data about your customers and sales. Ex. Find out customers who bought a TV and not a Home Theatre to target them with a discount on home theatres.

  • Fully Customizable: Setup required and custom payments and deductions. Use advance tools to configure sophisticated deductions and payments for your employees.
  • Income Tax Calculation: Our software is automatically updated to calculate income taxes for your country.
  • Generate Reports: Generate reports for each pay period. Configure formulas and filters to generate just about any kind of report.
  • Payslips: View and print the payslips of your employees.
  • Self-service: Allow your employees to access their payslips online.

  • Fast and easy accounting: Do your accounting with ease and speed using our intuitive system that is hosted in the cloud and can be securely accessed from anywhere and from any internet-ready device.
  • Accountant-ready: Journals, accounts (ledgers), trasactions, and more are all built right into the system.
  • Configurable: Create custom or bank accounts and track your balance and transactions on-the-fly.
  • Secure: All your data is kept on and accessed from secure servers hosted by Microsoft.
  • Reports: Generate a wide array of reports for your business.
  • Integrated with other modules: The accounting module automatically integrates with the Store and Payroll modules.

  • Projects: Complete projects successfully by co-ordinating members of your team.
  • Tasks: Assign tasks to one or more members and track their progress in real-time.
  • Collaborate: Team members are shown a custom-tailored activity feed to bring them up to speed with everything happening in the company or project related to them.
  • Versatile: The team module can be used for various functions such as customer service and field-reporting.




1 user
$19/mo for every additional user
Unlimited transactions and journal entries



< 20 employees + 1 user
20 - 50 employees = $59/mo
50 - 100 employees = $99/mo
100+ employees = $149/mo
$19/mo for every additional user



1 branch + 2 users
Each additional branch + 2 users = $139/mo
Additional users = $9/mo



1 user
Each additional user = $9/mo

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